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Monday, March 24 2014
Ready For Beautiful Skin and Extra Energy

Beautiful skin and extra energy all begins in one special place in your body. Transform this one place (organ) and you will change your whole life!  

Then learn how one organ can make your daily experiences more vigorous, dynamic and effective. This organ is like the gatekeeper to your happiness. It allows in what your body craves and guards against what your body disdains. It gives you that extra skip in your step and the extra curl in your smile. The saying “If Momma ain’t happy then nobody is happy” could be applied to this organ “ If it ain’t happy then you will never be happy”.
This organ, the most active organ in your body is the liver.
It is assigned with over 500 different tasks including its central role in processing, storing and redistributing the nutrients provided by the meals we eat. If the liver’s numerous roles are upset by liver damage or disease the effects on health and nutritional status can be profound.
An example of this is fatty liver disease which did not exists 20 years ago and is the reason for over 25% of all liver transplants today. And yet, this disease starts and ends with your fork. That means most health problems can be avoided if we learn how to care for and rejuvenate the organ vital to our youthful living.
This organ when it is sick will make you unhappy in more ways than you can imagine but yet it itself rarely complains. Check out the list below of symptoms a sick liver can manifests and yet we treat the symptoms not realizing the liver is the one behind the problems. Most liver diseases go unnoticed for years before the organ finally cries out “enough is enough”, “I can’t cope any longer” Then you have a full blown disease with sometimes little hope of recovery.
Today you can give a hand to this overworked, non complaining organ. Read what it does for you, then read what symptoms can result from it being overworked. And finally give it a break every year in the fall by allowing it to clean house without the interruption of more toxins and food coming through the pike. It is hard to clean house until you stop bringing the dirt in even if only during the time of cleaning. Who can mop a floor when your son’s baseball team has just traipsing through with their muddy shoes?
Give your body a break, rejuvenate your liver and you will be rewarded with:
  • Beautiful skin
  • Vibrant energy
  • Non-complaining Joints
  • Weight loss
  • Years of Happiness
  • Plus much – much more
  • Years of happiness.


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