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Treasures of Healthy Living Video Series
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    Share God's Plan for Health & Vibrant Living With Your Community!

    Today's churches are sad, sick, and overweight - it's time to bring them hope and healing!

    Using His Word from Genesis to Revelation as a treasure map, teach your group the joy of healthy living!

    Unveil God's Health Plan!

    Does food really matter? When Annette Reeder, the Biblical Nutritionist,  searched scripture, she was shocked to find hundreds of references to food.

    This study shows why food matters and how changing eating habits transforms lives!

    Teach groups to dive into God’s Word & modern science to discover the truth about food!

    Weekly In-Depth Teaching

    Treasures Of Healthy Living Bible Study Includes:

    (1) Discovering the Treasure
    (2) Sipping the Treasures: Beverages
    (3) Grains
    (4) Vegetables & Fruits
    (5) Herbs, Spices, Oil & Vinegar
    (6) Protein & Meat
    (7) Fasting & Self-control
    (8) Sweets
    (9) Environment & Toxins
    (10) Stress & Forgiveness
    (11) Exercise
    (12) The Fullness of Christ

    How To Begin

    Bring healthful and healing truths to God’s people!

    These programs are tailor-made for church members to teach in small group/Bible study or for the parent around the homeschool kitchen table. 

    Purchase the course bundle of your choice and get all the materials necessary to lead! 

    • Basic Bundle includes all 3 Student Books, a Leader Guide, and Video Access!
    • Premium Bundle includes all basic items plus a variety of extra books and tools!

    Participants will need to buy their own books for the class.