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Serving ~ Inspiring ~ Educating

Together we can help The Church become the walking, talking and glorfying example of God's Excellent Health. Will you help make that possible?

It's Your Tastimony

Taste It, Believe It, Live It

Our mission: To share God's recipe through
Bible based nutrition principles.

Although the topic is FOOD the message is SALVATION.

"Such a blessing - I have never realized the spiritual problems I was dealing with were related to my undisciplined eating."

"Now I know that stuffing my mouth with food was a substitute for turning to God in time of need.
Huge revelation! Thank You."

"I am a new person - Thank You."

"I am wearing a size 8 - never thought possible. Thank You."

"I loved your offering plate story, now when I plan my meals it is more about what will benefit my body - therefore my testimony, I mean my Tastimony - is a reflection of that offering."

"I was that woman at the well - a food adulterous. Now I am set free."


Each year God brings new flavors into the Designed Healthy Living ministry. The year 2020 is no different. The Church is still spiraling out of control with health challenges. The Biblical Nutritionist and Designed Healthy Living team is equipped to meet this need and through the power of God's WORD - share Christ in the homes of believers so that they can then multiply the message and share with their neighbors and friends.


GOING ONLINE - to REACH 100,000 in 2020!

Health is still the major setback when it comes to sharing the Gospel. Our church is sick!
God has placed it on our hearts to create an online Resource - Training - Biblically based Health platform.

When this is complete churches around the globe will be able to access this platform to:

       >Learn biblical principles for eating, gaining health, understand how their body was designed by a loving God,

       >Learn biblical eating to change blood sugars levels, cholesterol levels,
       > Heal the gut and mind
       > Understand the stories in the Bible and food references
       > Connect with a biblically based health professional for questions
       > Learn how to meditate God's way

       > Train the church on being the Wellness Connection
       > Plus so much more!

If you are like us you wish this was already in place - yet we need your help!

Please consider giving TODAY to make this possible!

On Mission in My Kitchen - SBF: Sisters Bringing Friends
We need your help to train the churches on how to open their homes, their kitchens and invite hurting and sick people in to hear the message of God's love while enjoying a fun time in the kitchen.

SBF is a program being launched this year to invite churches to learn how to share the Gospel with the use of cooking events in the home. Designed Healthy Livinghas written Bible Studies that go along with stories in the Bible. These stories all relate to food. Ladies invite their friends into the home and events start with having fun cooking together. The cooking classes include health benefits of the recipes, how to shop for the best ingredients, plus more. Then while the women sit to enjoy the foods they just prepared, a story is shared of how this food was used in Scripture to teach key principles such as Grace, Love, Acceptance, discipline, etc.

Flavor of Grace needs your support to expand this ministry to churches across the country. We need your help with the printing of these studies, the training of churches and letting churches know it exists.

Israel Missions
The Biblical Nutritionist & Designed Healthy Living is leading trips to Israel in 2021, 2023 and 2025. These trips can  include visiting the Red Sea, seeing an exact replica of the Tabernacle, walking the streets of Jerusalem, plus so much more. We need your support because this trip  includes missions to the troops, helping with the "Pro-Life" movement, and supporting missionaries on the ground in Israel.

Ministers ~ Missionaries ~ Minister's Wives

The role of the Shepherd can be lonely and difficult. The Designed Healthy Living team is here to help our key leaders get back in shape with their health and their Spiritual journey. Without our key leaders in physical shape  ministries cease.
Our front line needs  encouragment, support and teaching of how to care for their bodies and yet not feel exposed to their congregation.  Our team works privately with each leader to help them become physically God's best so their Ministry/Mission can be strong.  Many of these leaders do not have the funds to pay for the services such as blood work, lab interpretation, supplements, and counseling. We need your support to keep this key ministry available to those in need.  H
elp us keep the Front Line - on the Front Line!

2018 & 2019 BLESSINGS 

Designed Healthy Living took the message of salvation through the tool of cooking classes, nutrition seminars, LIFE coaching and Bible studies to the FIELDS of the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation, the STATES of South Dakota, Missouri, Virginia, Tennessee, Colorado, New York, Florida and Maryland, and the COUNTRIES of Africa, Paupau New Guinea, Israel and Canada. 

Designed Healthy Living continued to serve churches and individuals with the message of God's love through the invitation of food.

The Designed Healthy Living team continued to help churches develop wellness ministries that reach into the community with the flavor of good food and the message of God's love and grace.

Our team joined Bellevue Baptist in Memphis, TN on a mission to the Pine Ridge Reservation Indians. Annette lead cooking classes and nutrition seminars to the women of that village. The invitation was food ~ the message was God's love and salvation.


Pastors in Missouri, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia and Maryland have been counseled with a health program that recharged their health and equipped them to stay in the ministry - To God be the Glory!  Do you have a pastor that needs sound biblical nutrition coaching to stay in the ministry and weather the storms of illness?

Flood victims in Texas have benefited with money and kitchen supplies.

Over 15,000 people this year have benefited from our free resources, prayer team, and personal coaching to overcome the shackles of cultural sickness to now experience the freedom of biblical eating. Who do you know that needs sound biblical nutrition help?

Because of your donations here is the 2016 report:

RADIO - our first year on the radio was a tremendous success. God allowed us to be on stations in Virginia, Missouri, and Indiana. This expanded our reach with the Gospel of the dinner table to over 3 million listeners.

CONFERENCES - Spreading the Gospel to men and women while sharing God's recipe for excellent health. In 2016 our conferences and seminars were presented in the US plus Jerusalem! Yes, we went international!

ISREAL - Because of our faithful givers, we were able to lead a mission team to plant a Biblical Foods Prayer Garden in the heart of Jerusalem. This was such a blessing to see our prayers meet with the prayers of the local missionaries. This garden will be visited by all faiths and unbelievers. Every who enters will hear the Gospel as the story of God's provision is shared. While in Jerusalem Annette lead a Nutrition Seminar.

LOUISIANA FLOOD RELIEF - we partnered with a local ministry and sent a pallet of products to help 50 pastors restore their homes and clean up from the massive flooding this past summer.

CONSULTATIONS - Pastors and ministry wives are given free consultations as they desire to see their body reflect the goodness God designed. Many are tired, sick and needing physical and spiritual support. Flavor of Grace is here to be that support. Your gifts allow us the funds to supply them with resources and support with our recommended physicians.

 God has not called us to quit! Instead, He has called us to move forward. This call needs your help and support.

Here are three ways you can help.

Be a monthly partner of $15 or more
Be a one time donor of $25 or more
Pray and let us know If you are a business owner and would like to be a sponsor of this life-changing radio program, podcast or conferences.

And at such a time as these people are struggling and their health has become a roadblock.

 Podcast and One Day Conferences bring an energetic bite of nutrition marinated in God’s Word for a fresh taste His Goodness. 

This bite of Truth will strengthen our listener’s walk with the Lord both spiritually and physically.

This past year has given us opportunities to be on line and as soon as the message was heard our phones and emails were filled with questions about health. And as we talked with each person we quickly realized there was a heart problem as well.

That is why this message is so important. Food struggles mask heart struggles.

3 reasons to support this ministry:     

Help us Reach out and share Christ
Encourage Christians daily through podcast, blogs, speaking at churches and conferences     
Respond with the Gospel to those who connect with our office for consultations and needs.

Please consider giving today.

May God richly bless you today.

Ways to Give

ONLINE: Many people find this secure method the easiest way to donate. Give a one-time gift or become a monthly partner.
MAIL: Send a check to:
Designed Healthy Living
3017 Mountain Road  #978
Glenn Allen, VA  23060

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