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Conference Speakers

We bring to you speakers that have walked where you walk - experienced the transformation of changing to foods God designed for us and leaving man's food as scraps in the trash. 

This is not easy - but yet it is healing. Each speaker will bring a fresh experience for your church or ministry that will encourage, engage and invite you to experience God's excellent health. After one taste you will invite them back for seconds.

-The Biblical Nutritionist - Annette will delight all your senses with her gift of opening the menu with full servings of biblical insight and tasty morsels of easy to absorb health bites.
-Southern Healthy Living expert, this mom, pastor's wife and all around foodie will freshen your spices with her food wit and cooking charm.

-Be ready to move as Jeannie brings you to your feet for fun, relaxing, invigorating praise moves that will make you glad you are in the house of the Lord. Jeannie is the founder of Body & Soul Fitness a Christian Fitness program for churches.

- Being an enthusiastic advocate for healthy eating for more than thirty years, Joyce - author, speaker and wife of the late- Adrian Rogers, will encourage you to take the menu and study it. 

Speakers depend on location and event planned.  Other speakers may include: Pastor Steve Reynolds, Dr. Richard Couey and Dr. Gary Smalley.
Conference Options

Flavor of Grace Appetizer

The Flavor of Grace Appetizer is having one of our keynote speakers come to your church for an event lasting 1-2 hours. This event would include sharing from God's Word His excellent design of your body and how His foods can far exceed anything man has tried to feed us.

Everyone will leave with a Take-Home box that includes:

  • An understanding of God's beautiful design of your body and His everlasting love
  • How to stop our body from complaining
  • Simple tips for eating a fabulous delicious healthy diet.

This serving is good for all group sizes and of course we would love to bring food samples- if you say please.

Flavor of Grace Main Course

The Flavor of Grace Main Course takes the appetizer and adds more meat to it.  This event will last 3-4 hours and expand on what is taught in the appetizer course. The Take-Home box includes:

  • Options such as Why Jesus is the Bread of Life baking/devotional class
  • Cooking demonstrations
  • More insight into God's design of your body. Did you know each organ of your body has God's fingerprints on it? The understanding of His design makes more sense to care for it.

This serving is good for all group sizes and yes - we would love to bring food samples and shopping ideas/resources for your community. 

Flavor of Grace Conference - Four Course Experience

This fun, fast paced, interactive food conference will deliver the appetizer and main course listed above plus take it to a full course experience.  Allow 2 days for this conference to marinate and get all the flavor offered.

The Flavor of Grace Conference - Four Course Experience brings:

  • Biblical understanding of the foods God designed and how they fulfill His creation
  • Simple, practical cooking tips that anyone can start today
  • Delicious meals – highest quality foods – most satisfying recipes
  • Praise and worship – experiencing the presence of The Lord
  • Body & Soul Work-outs - for an energy pick-up and morning wake-up.
  • A chance to bring physical and spiritual healing to the church through the power of food
  • An opportunity to invite the community to a fun, fast-paced interactive food conference

Bring the men, women, and youth  -  meet at the table together to experience the flavor of His grace.

This four course experience is recommended for groups of 100 or more. Best offered Friday evening and Saturday.

Flavor of Grace A La Carte

Let us design a seminar or conference to match your desires.  Each group is unique so we want to work together to develop your own experience.  We will work within your Budget, Learning opportunities and Timing > sort of your own BLT! Ok - make that turkey bacon!

Other Menu Items

We can add any items such as:

 - Luncheon/meeting, a chance for us to share simple tips about how to get healthy and why this is so important for the spiritual leaders of the church.

 - Luncheon/meeting, a chance for us to share with the women's ministry simple tools for sharing Christ love through cooking classes and the Treasures Bible study.

- Luncheon/meeting, a chance to share ideas of how to implement healthy snacks, lessons and ideas for bringing God's principles into the Children's Ministry area of the church.

 - This pre-conference cooking extravaganza allows those who want more than just the conference to come early and enjoy fun cooking classes and health programs.

 - Cooking is easy for homeschoolers since they have the extra time! Not always. So we can come early to do a one-day cooking event to start from the basics and then move to the more gourmet techniques. These classes would include the Biblical foundation of why to eat healthy.

 - Men hear and taste things differently.  As the spiritual leaders of the family they also need to be on-board as the encourager for biblical health. The men on our team bring an engaging word for Men Only that you will not want to miss.

 - Our conferences make you want to move. To satisfy that desire we bring area instructors from the Body & Soul Fitness to help everyone have fun and move a little - or a lot.  We can include small segments or a full morning bootcamp.