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Bible Study Resources For Leaders

Thank you for your willingness to lead and serve the people in your group to a healthier life God’s Way! 

This page is for you and the success of your class.  We have prodvided promotional items, viewer guides, sample of emails and other tips to make the class go well.


Viewer Guides

Comments from other leaders:

Welcome to the "Biblical Nutrition Movement"!

Here are my 2 cents:

1. Have at least 1 helper if not 2. Set up "Taste and See" table and beverage (lemon,lime,and cucumber water) table. Pass out books, and video folders, and collect $$$. Sign ups for taste and see. Do food demo. Help with review of Bible Study each week. 

2. We couldn't wait for week 12 for exercise so we had an "Exercise Moment" each week starting with breathing exercises, walking, stretching, weight bearing, stretch bands, cardio, etc. Each built on the previous exercise. 

3. At the beginning of each class, I did a food demo to show the class the food was easy to make. Examples: whole wheat pancakes, steal cut oatmeal, smoothies, bread demo, Cruciferous Slaw, Taboulee, Hummus, Salsa, etc. 

4.  Show the class the "Library" on Annette's website. I told them this was their "Pinterest" for the next 12 weeks. 

Any other questions feel free to email. 

Good Luck and Blessings to your Class,

Cheryl Loden

Hello All!
Annette asked what all I included in our class Members Guides for the Treasures of Healthy Living class, I don't have a file on my computer or anything for what I included but I am looking through my Leaders Guide. I made my Leaders Guide just like the class members guide so we were all working off the same information, except my Leaders Guide had all the answers! :-)

I included the Viewers Guide to the video's, which I got from either the Leaders Kit or downloaded from the Designed Healthy Living website. I also downloaded the following recipes from the DHL website; Garden Frittata, Vegetable Bean Tostadas which were both mentioned in the videos. There were a few other recipes I got from the DHL website; Going Green Smoothy, Orange Sorbet, Candy Stripe Beet and Carrot Slaw and Celery Apple Fennel Slaw.

I also made copies of the handouts from the Bread Class and included them. If students attended Annettes Bread Class they would already have the handouts in their binder and if they were unable to attend a bread class they would still have the handouts.

In addition to all of that I found Food Storage Guidelines at storage guidelines.htm and included copies of the guidelines in the Members Books, that was 14 pages of info.

As we had classes and people shared some converted recipes we made copies of those and everyone added them to their binders too.

We did not provide binders, all the pages we did provide require at least a 1" binder and we didn't have the budget for that. I'm sure Annette probably has more info on her website now you could add. I think we did download Annettes information on the Daniel Fast and provided it for class members too because they asked about it.

Much of what we included could be found on Annettes DHL website and students could have downloaded it for themselves but I just felt like it would be nice to already have it in there for them and anything else I found that I wanted to include in my binder I made copies for everyone else too. There are many other things you could add, for example if you know your students are new to cooking you could add common cooking terms and definitions they might not know or conversion and/or equivalent charts, cookbooks like Betty Crocker or Good House Keeping have things like that at the beginning or end of the books. The possibilities are endless.

I hope this was helpful. I'm glad to help any way I can.
Deborah Martindale



This download version of the Daniel Fast is our original writing designed for classes. We have since greatly improved it in printed - full color form. Look under the SHOP page for books to get the beautiful new book to treasure for a lifetime.


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