Here is what you will gain from the Flavor of Grace Conference:

  • Biblical understanding of the foods God designed and how they fulfill His creation
  • Simple, practical cooking tips that anyone can start today
  • Delicious meals – highest quality foods – most satisfying recipes
  • Praise and worship – experiencing the presence of The Lord
  • A chance to bring physical and spiritual healing to the church through the power of food
  • An opportunity to invite the community to a fun, fast-paced interactive food conference

Bring the men, women, and youth  - this is an event the family can share together.

Fun, rewarding, transforming, entertaining, delightful and yet satisfying – these are the emotions you will experience as you join in on the fastest growing conferences in the church: Flavor of Grace Conference.

*Each conference brings different speakers depending on location, schedules and budget of the host church. All speakers are guaranteed at confirmation of event.

When you are ready to experience for yourself the Flavor of Grace in your church then contact us.



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  1. Sheryl Stallings says

    I got a message that the Cincinati conference is postponed. Can you tell me when it will be? I would still like to come! Thanks!

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