get-up-go-walking2You don’t want to miss the Healthy Scorecard Seminar – Coming up February 15, 2014 in St. Louis MO

  1. You will learn how your body differs from other people and what to do about it. None of us are the same but yet the food, drug and supplement industry treat us as if we are. In this seminar you will glimpse into the working of your own body.
  2. You will learn the language of your body. Your body is begging for attention with different sounds, twitches, numbness and refusing to cooperate. Imagine if your two year old child or grandchild just sat down and refused to follow your instructions. What would you do? There are times most parents admit that a little bit of Robitussin would make them more compliant but yet that only delayed the discipline. The same is true for our body, medicating the symptom doesn’t change the underlying problem.  Even with the same diagnosis one medication works differently in two different people. 
  3. You will get a personal plan to take with you and make changes that are designed just for you. You are unique.  This seminar will help you understand the signs and give suggestions for possible corrections.
  4. SAVE $170! This conference is valued at $200! Because it is new for us to present and new to your area we are doing it at a ridiculously low price of $30, $15 if you register ASAP.


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  1. RUTH TROWER says

    It was a great conference! Opened my eyes to several of my health issues and changes I can make to improve these issues. Looking forward to Ohio!

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